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Established a consulting firm managing regulatory compliance, European Affairs and stakeholder engagement at EU and international level as well as engaging in multi-stakeholder activity at governmental and non-governmental levels. Proactively evaluated issues impacting EU policy areas including: occupational health, EU ETS review (2021-2030), innovation policy, raw materials, conflict minerals, Brexit, trade and derivatives. Prevented the unwarranted classification of a chemical as a ‘Substance of Very High Concern’ by the EU regulator and ensured its continued and safe licence to operate and licence to market. Played an integral role in providing consultative services in the areas of regulatory reform, organisation of public administration and development policy to meet unique client demands. Eurometaux (European non-ferrous metals association) Energy & Climate Change Committee Member. Engineered a process to ensure European nickel producers received approval from the European Commission to gain access to state aid under the EU's carbon Emissions Trading Scheme (2021-2030).


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Sean O'Sullivan
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28 years experience as a lawyer, administrator and senior-level management professional in public policy, government and public affairs. Extensive experience in leading operations, projects and staff in international regulatory bodies, trade associations and in corporates including 5 years as Erometaux (European non-ferrous metals association) Energy & Climate Change Committee Member representing the Nickel Institute’s interests in Brussels. Managed regulatory affairs for Glencore’s nickel business division and cobalt. This included the management of occupational health under the EU chemicals REACH Regulation and EU labelling and packaging CLP Regulation as well as representing Glencore as a board representative on industry trade associations. 5 years as Head of Section at the European Commission as team and budget manager supporting the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation in the new EU member states. Assisted the Director-General on the design and development of the Accession Roadmap strategy for candidate and accession countries to the EU. Developed and coordinated public affairs and outreach programmes for precious metal group commodities by establishing constructive, senior-level dialogue and multi-stakeholder engagement within EU institutional fora with a strong focus on Environmental, Social Governance (ESG). Excellent understanding of people, processes and networks at EU level honed over 20 years. Proven leader equipped with advanced business acumen as well as excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Mother tongue English, C2 Proficiency in German, C1 proficiency in French and B1 independent use in Spanish.


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